Meshing colors

It's rainy here in Atlanta, so instead of the bright "lemonade-ish" one I had planned for today, I thought I'd do a board with darker, richer colors (Did I mention that I'm also really looking forward to fall?) I designed this one as inspiration for a party, but it easily could be turned into a wedding. On that note, keep in mind that everything does not have to match perfectly. Not only is it sometimes overkill, but there is no better way to get a migraine than stressing over whether or not the green ribbon perfectly matches the green dresses, and if those match the green ink on the escort cards etc. etc. Instead just make sure everything flows together and has the same feel. Just like decorating- the mixing and matching of textures, patterns, etc almost always is more beautiful than having everything identical.

row 1: i misplaced the link for these homemade chips, anyone know? , escort cards via snippetandink, antique glass lanterns via design sponge
row 2: dress via artfool, macaroons via bouchon bakery, earrings via emma alison designs
row 3: table via fete