Meeting Martha

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Yesterday I went to the Martha Stewart book signing at the Georgia Aquarium. I not only received a copy of her new cookie cookbook, but I also got to meet Martha herself! It was a little strange meeting someone who you've only seen on TV or in magazines, (I'm always curious as to if they will appear different in real life or not) but she was exactly who I expected!*

Even better, she was really nice- way nicer than I probably would have been after signing at least 300 books (by the time I was able to meet her) and knowing there were probably around another 200 to go. I can't imagine how wonderful a manicure/hand massage would feel after holding a pen for that long!

I brought her a gift of my stationery to say thank you for everything she has done and as a welcome gift for coming to Atlanta. I really hope she enjoys and likes my work. Martha has been such an inspiration for so many and I hope she realizes the impact she makes in so many people's lives. For me, knowing Martha was able to become who she is today not only inspired me, but also gave me the courage to develop my own stationery line. And seeing how many other people took over 3 hours out of their day just to meet her shows that I'm not alone in how I feel!

As for her cookbook, it is amazing! I was sitting admiring it all last night pointing out pictures and recipes as J. tried to watch a movie. Unlike most cookie cookbooks that are just a collection of recipes thrown together, this one was organized by the texture of the cookie- i.e. chewy, crunchy, etc. What a cool way to set up a cookbook! Also, each recipe is accompanied by a large full color glossy photo. Maybe it's just the artist in me, but I really dislike cookbooks that only include a few pictures.
"Wow, that carbonara I'm not making looks amazing, but is this really how my tortellini is supposed to look?" is a question you should never have to ask when using a cookbook.

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Back to the cookies. They all look wonderful and I can't wait to try each one. You really should go out and buy the book. Like right now. And if you are "just going to buy one for a friend", order two. Once you see it for yourself, you won't want to give it up. Only problem is- the book has shown me I need more "tools of the trade". Now I'm not talking about the cute cookie molds (though I wouldn't turn them down if someone happened to pick up some for me!), but more of the basic cookie making tools.

Prime example- rolling pin, like this super cute pink one.

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I have held out for a while now- using other objects that do a semi-decent job, but last night as I watched J try to flatten our pizza dough, I caved. We really need a rolling pin.

So thank you Martha. Not only for inspiring us, and coming to Atlanta to give us all the opportunity to meet you, but also for finally showing me just why I really have to have a rolling pin!

*sidenote- I wish she would tell everyone what she uses/ has been doing to keep herself looking so ageless- the woman looked amazing. Refreshed, relaxed, and completely wrinkle free!