Lovely Decor

I mentioned this earlier (remember the windows??), but we've been perusing real estate in Colorado lately (oh I hope we get to move there!) and now I am afraid that I am becoming just a little obsessed with how I would like to decorate/renovate our "new home." Just some of the beauties I've come across:

love browns and other earthy tones... not a tile floored fan though. Hardwood all the way please :)

Have I mentioned our love of subway tiling?Not only does it remind me of the tube in London, it's just so clean and fresh I love (love love) butcher block/wooden counter tops. So warm and inviting. 1,3,4 via desire to inspire, 2 via ffffound

And on that note, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! Hoping I get to see my sister today (if it doesn't start storming which is becoming very very common here in the Southeast...), as well as finish up our Halloween costumes for next week/weekend (if you are in Atlanta, definitely check out Scary Party hosted by the Wednesday Night Drinking Club) and hopefully get in some rest and relaxation!

Hey, maybe we'll even carve or pumpkin.

Hah, who am I kidding. We'll just call it our "fall pumpkin" and keep it for a few more weeks :)