looking polished

J. and I watched An Education a few nights ago (I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it if you like more Sundance-ish movies. It's not a thrilling story, but the cinematography was amazing.) and during one scene he asked why we all stopped dressing like that (see the photos to see what he meant.) And honestly, I don't know.When did the majority of us give up on looking "polished?"

Personally I long for reasons to get dressed up, but there really aren't many places for it. It used to be (and I mean used to as in the 50's) that going out to dinner or to the movies was an occasion. People got dressed up; no one looked as though they just got hit by a car/rolled out of bed. But today, even if you go to the ballet or a Broadway show "dressed up," you are likely to be way over dressed.

Now don't get me wrong, I love jeans. And my Rainbows? As much as I know they make my mom cringe and they aren't flattering at all, I love them. But I love love love dresses. And heels. And having a reason to get all dressed up. Oh! and a reason for J. to wear a tie (he hates ties but likes how the men of Mad Men dress so secretly I think he just wishes he had a real reason to wear one.)

And I know I am not the only one out there that feels this way because (yay!) designers are bringing out more and more collections full of dresses. Dresses that leave something to the imagination and are inspired by the dresses our grandmothers wore. I for one think it's amazing. I'm not at all saying that we should revert to the days when women weren't allowed to wear pants or anything, but I think there is something to be said about embracing femininity. Look at Jackie O, or at Audrey Hepburn. People still talk about and try to emulate their styles years later. (I can guarantee that no one is going to look back and say "wow. I wish I had bedazzled cargo pants and a tight t-shirt that said "easy" on it.")

So what do you all think? Do you wish people still dressed up?