I saw this photo posted by Emily over at Once Wed and was just in awe of how beautiful the whole scene is and how well it would fit the outdoor inspiration I posted a feel days ago. The dress itself is remarkable, but the bride's body language makes me think she is caught up in laughter. And what is better than that on your wedding day (let alone any day!) ?

Speaking of laughter (or even just smiling) if you are a bride, please remember to do this! There have been a few weddings I know of where the bride just looked miserable. Completely stressed out, frowning (or scowling) and it just made all of the guests uneasy. Nothing ruins a good party like a moody host! Not to mention the amount of money the couple probably paid for awesome photography only to look back on the photos and see the bride looking like a Negative Nancy! I forgot where I read this, but another blogger put it perfectly (even though I am paraphrasing) "No amount of artistic ability can make an unhappy bride look good." So remember to smile and have fun! We've all heard of the horror stories of weddings (or watched this) so go ahead and expect the cake to fall, the flowers to wilt, and for their to be rain. (It actually rained the day J proposed to me, but I always thought it was so romantic to dance in the rain so he started singing our song and that's exactly what we did.) But like I keep saying, no matter what happens, on your wedding day or any other day, take it in stride, look for the good, and ALWAYS remember to smile.