Jeweled Velvet

This rug sparked a whole new love for jewel toned velvets for me. I've gotten pretty obsessed with home decor lately, but couldn't find that one piece that set the tone for everything else I was looking for. And this I saw this rug and it all came together in my head. My love for neutrals, glass, reclaimed wood- and of course the lush pop of color that comes from differing textiles. I can't wait to have a chair recovered in #530. Oh or maybe #526. So gorgeous!

In other news, more orders are being mailed out tomorrow (I'll share those soon) and then early Sunday morning we are jumping on a plane and heading out west! Can't wait to spend our days skiing, exploring and looking at possible future neighborhoods :)

With that said though, our vacay means that I won't be posting for about a week (unless I happen to sneak some internet time in) so... I hope everyone has a fantastic week!! See you when we get back!