it's so hot.

oh if only there was a breeze like this today! via design crush

You know those days when you truly feel like you are melting? Make up doesn't stand a chance, those first few seconds in a car feel like hell, and no matter how few clothes you have on, you still feel like you're suffocating? (If you don't, I'm guessing you do not live in Georgia and I am very envious of you right now...)

Well today is one of those days. And given that I am just now coming back to society after a two day long horrible migraine (might not get them often, but when I do, boy do they strike with a vengeance) the last thing my body wants to be faced with is unrelenting heat.

So in order to trick myself into loving the hot weather, I decided to write out the top 10 things I love about summers in the south:

1. lightning bugs

2. honeysuckle

3. pool days (though now it's almost too hot for that!)

4. ice cold lemonade (the real kind- made with simple syrup and fresh squeezed lemons)

5. sundresses

6. air conditioning

7. ice pops (I eat ice cream year round, but those "cut off the top" sugary concoctions are for the summer only!)

8. air dried hair

9. kayaking

10. fresh fruits/vegetables (berries, tomatoes, etc.)

Hmm. Always nice to remember the positives!

Even so, I'm off to work over the air conditioning vent. Happy Thursday everyone!