It's Friday already?!

Where has this week gone?

Sorry to be so light on posts, but it's like the days have just flown by! Between switching printers, working on orders, talking with new clients, running errands etc. this week has been super busy. But a good busy.

And what is better way to end a busy week and kick off the weekend than with a birthday party?! Most of my friends were out of town last weekend on my actual birthday, so we decided to celebrate tonight and I can't wait! It's going to be a blast.

Speaking of birthdays (I have like 5 friends with birthdays this month), my best friend A turned 24 this Wednesday!! (Happy birthday!!) As you all know, I'm a big birthday person so I definitely waited until she went to work to go over to her place to drop off her presents and attack it with streamers. Nothing like coming home to a crepe paper chandelier and happy birthday signs!

Hooray for so many January babies and so much to celebrate!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!