It's been a year!!

tim will photo via our collection

So I feel like I've been nonexistent for a few days now, but with plenty of good reason I promise!

First- work has been crazy, which is wonderful but still time consuming. I can't wait to share my new projects with all of you!

Second- Christmas is THIS Friday. Are you serious?! Where has the year gone? I still have so much to do, but can't wait to have our families all together. This Christmas is going to be wonderful!

And speaking of a whole year, the big news around here is that yesterday was our first anniversary! I can't believe it has already been a full year since we said "I do." Being married to J has been such a dream come true. Sounds super cheesy I know, but I am so happy God brought us together. He is the most wonderful, thoughtful, and caring man I've ever met and I am so happy to have him as my husband and best friend. (I love you sweetie!!) So with that said, instead of updating the blog, yesterday was spent celebrating our first year of marriage, eating wedding cake (which surprisingly, is still amazing. So amazing in fact that I've had it with almost every meal now :) ), sitting by the fire and overall just being all lovey.

Hope everyone else has had a fantastic past few days as well! I'll be back tomorrow!