I'm dreaming of a white Valentine's....

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I was going to share our love story today, but thought I'd save that until this weekend. Mostly because it started snowing and I closed down shop :) It's coming down pretty hard, but it is so beautiful! (This photo was taken about 3 hours ago and at least another inch plus has fallen since.) We can't wait until we're out west and this is a normal occurrence!

The good thing about snow days though (esp. in the south where we rarely get them) is that I feel it's a legitimate excuse to stop work and get into the kitchen. I've already made heart shaped lemon sugar cookies, my homemade marinara sauce, and am starting on heart shaped cranberry scones for Valentine's Day breakfast. Oh! And chicken pizza for dinner. Nothing beats curling up to watch a movie with a few slices of homemade chicken basil pizza!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and in case you don't read this over the weekend, Happy Valentine's Day!!