I'm back... kind of

Well we are back from our European vacation, which was absolutely amazing. We had such a fun time getting "lost" on the streets of Venice, taking a boat ride on Lake Lucerne, exploring the old walled cities of Germany, visiting with family in his mothers home town of Birkenfeld, etc. etc.
And while I thought I would be able to share more inspiration and cool things today, J got into a mountain bike accident yesterday afternoon and I have been playing nurse for the past few days. He broke the end of his clavicle (collarbone) into roughly three pieces, injured his head, and separated his AC joint (the joint that connects the end of your collarbone to your shoulder blade). We don't think he will need surgery, but he'll have to go see an orthopedic surgeon this week to make sure that everything is mending well and probably have to do some sort of physical therapy to keep his shoulder working how it should.

So while I would love to post some stuff for you all, my wifely duties are calling :) If you can, please pray for him. The poor guy is in a lot of pain, but he's a trooper so I know he will be okay. I just thank God he didn't land on his head/crack his neck/etc. etc. It was a close call that completely terrified me, but it reminded me to treat every minute we have together as a gift. I hope everyone out there in the blogging world remembers to do the same!

Have a wonderful day, guys! I'll talk with you all soon!

And just so it's not all sad.. here's a sneak peek of our vacation:

in Lucerne, Switzerland

lunch in the Black Forest