I'm back!

Yep, it’s been about 20ish days since my last post, but I am officially back. I took a “vacation” from blogging in order to get inspired, spend some quality time with my husband (who was on summer vacation from his doctorate program) my friends and my family, and finally to tackle some on going work projects that I really needed to focus on. But now, with school back in session and fall fashions gracing the runways it was time for me to get back to updating the blog regularly with work projects and all the things that inspire me- and hopefully you as well! Before we jump into all of that though, I thought I’d give you a quick photo recap of the summer. Hope you enjoy!

I would have photos of us kayaking (which happened at least once a week this summer), but I never really trust myself when it comes to bringing my camera on board! See you all tomorrow!