have a lovely weekend!

It's not you, it's me.

Measure your days in love.

Two beautiful magazines came out this week: Rue (extra points for anyone who can tell me why I'm especially stoked about issue 3. hint hint page 52 and 264) and Matchbook Mag. Definitely curl up with your laptop this weekend and dive into these!

Be brilliant at the basics of business

Such a beautiful wedding. But what really sold me? They gave out mini loaves of bread as favors (and this girl loves fresh bread.)

I don't think this should be reserved for bridal wear, it's just so pretty! (As in ban.do's new site which was a collaboration with this lovely lady)

Agreed. Clementines are awesome.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Do you all have any big (or little) plans? I'm having a girls night tonight, hoping to have a chance to see Our Labor of Love's Kendrick and David's show sometime over the weekend (see more about that here, and then who knows. (Maybe we'll even get around to watching Inception so we'll know what all of the fuss is about!) See you Monday!