Happy Weekend and a catching up

Hey everyone!

I just thought I would wish everyone a wonderful weekend! J and I have been acting like full fledged tourists- visiting all of the sites we wish we already had. Today was supposed to be the botanical gardens, but that is being pushed back because something came up. (More on that later) Tomorrow we're off to the zoo (which I am really excited about!) and then hopefully get to see all of our friends who went away for the summer to do internships, see family, etc. etc.

Since sometimes we can all get into a funk, I thought I'd write down things that made me happy this week. Feel free to do the same in the comments if you are so inclined :)

- my aunt and grandmother came up from Florida to visit everyone and finally got to see our place
- we all got together as a big family (minus my parents who get to see them today) and ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's restaurant
- I made a fool of myself singing Livin' on a Prayer during rock band. For the second time :)
- got invitations back from the printers yesterday and they look awe.some.
-my house is super clean (wanted it perfect for when the family would see it)
-saw the Monet exhibit!! I saw it abroad a few years back, but there is something so so magical about sitting in a quiet museum just staring at a massive installation of water lilies. His brush strokes and use of color blows me away every single time.
- tasted over 60 different kinds of coke (as in the drink haha)
-saw beluga whales and whale sharks (so so cool)
- have gotten to spend tons and tons of time with my awesome husband (which given that classes start soon, is really exciting)

That's not all, but that's all I going to write about right now :)

Now onto the reason why we are not currently at the botanical gardens.

He's precious isn't he? I spent an hour luring him to me to catch him so that I could take him to a shelter so he can be adopted. He was abandoned after he was born (by a stray cat) and has been crying in the bushes for over a week. Hungry, cold, and alone.

I seriously couldn't handle it. And for anyone that knows me, I am so not a cat person. I am allergic to them and think they have a complex haha, but how can you not love something that is as cute as he is?

I really hope someone adopts him. He deserves a good home.

Has anyone ever tried to get an animal to a shelter, btw? It is almost impossible because they are so so full. Which leads me to something else. Please. PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. There is no reason to have this many abandoned animals. I'm going to have to do everything in my power to keep us from bringing home another dog while we're at the shelter today... I just hate seeing them without owners.

But anyhow, on a happier note, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and finally gets to relax, recharge and have a great time. See you all on Monday!