Happy Weekend!

Can you believe it's almost March? That's just crazy to me. It seems like the days have just been flying by. Kicking off this weekend with a girls night tonight, and then getting a lot of different errands taken care of tomorrow! New equipment for the office arrived at the door this morning (and is taking up precious floor space), so now we really have to install everything we've been meaning to for the past few months! I love when things are all organized and clean so I can't wait to see everything all together!

Another big project J. and I have to finish is planning our trip out west. It's in less than 2 weeks so we really have to get on that :) I am so excited for us to take a vacation and just enjoy some "us" time without any stress from work or school. And it only makes it that much better since we'll be in our (hopefully) future hometown!

Any big plans for y'all this weekend? I hope it's everything you need and want! See you Monday!!