Happy weekend!

I really want the dress in the front left

Wardrobe room on set of Mad Men in LA, photo by James Minchin III for Rolling Stone

I couldn't be more thrilled that it's Friday- what a crazy, busy week it's been! Of course, this weekend and next week aren't slowing down either so I guess I should just get ready. Alt is just 5 short days away and from what I can tell, everyone is scrambling to pack, get business cards together, and figure out which sessions they want to visit. In addition to that, I'm running through my lesson plans to make sure everyone who is taking my class gets as much as possible out of it! (Oh, and in addition to the holiday, my birthday is Monday so there are all kinds of festivities this weekend! I love birthdays.) What about you all? Any big plans? Or little plans? (We stayed in and watched Moneyball a few nights ago and it was awesome.)

Speaking of Alt- that means flying for many of us. How clever is this mask? (Because seriously, isn't it annoying when you get skipped because your eyes were closed?)

I want a wall of these. And then in the fall, I want to throw all of my old leaves on the ground and act like they fell from the "trees"...

J. hates my key chain- it's kind of... well inefficient I guess... but I know he'd love this one.

I want to vacation here. Wouldn't that be so cool?!

And lastly, a reminder that it really is that easy.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!