Happy Wednesday

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Hey ladies and gents.

It feels like it's been FOR.ever. since I've written my last post- most likely because it has. Almost right after I announced the new site's launch (still can't believe it's up!) J and I had his parents visit, my best friend visit, and flew back to Atlanta for five days to celebrate the holidays with my family and see our friends. That (on top of some other really exciting, can't wait to tell you all about it things) has made for a very busy and very tired me so I hope you all will forgive the lack of posts over the past few days. All that said, I hope everyone has been doing great, that your Thanksgiving's were wonderful, and that you're all enjoying the beginning of the holiday season. (Our home is already all decorated!) Oh! And definitely tune in tomorrow for exciting news. I'm so pumped to tell you all about it!