Happy (New Years Eve) Weekend

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Today (after dropping off some orders at FedEx) I'm closing up shop and heading out to kick the year off with the Mr. and a few close friends. But before I do that, I thought I would leave you with a little something I've found to be a nice change from the normal resolution frenzy that hits right around now.

A few days ago Erin posted her "non-goals" list (and was soon followed by Anne and Bri and probably many others.) Seeing as that's pretty great company, I figured I'd do the same. The whole idea is to pat yourself on the back for the good things you've done this year (hence the 3rd person), as opposed to beating yourself down over what you have to do better. So here it goes:

1. Way to go on being your own boss. It's been hard at times, but at the end of the day you've done a good job of finding a nice balance of work and play. And remember to never stop asking for what you want. No one can give you something if they don't know you want it. 2. Congrats on two happy years of marriage. Keep listening to each other, laughing with each other and loving each other. Never forget J is your best friend and is always there for you. 3. Keep up those long phone conversations with your parents. They have a lot to teach you if you keep your ears open and will always love you. Plus you are always smiling when you hang up and smiles look good on you. 4. Don't worry about saying you are "checking your email" when you are actually g-chatting with your sister. She's your sister. You have a lot to discuss. 5. Good job at taking time for yourself to do some baking and cooking. Sure not everything comes out perfectly, but there is nothing more satisfying than a dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. 6. You can have a conversation with just about anyone. Keep talking; you'll never know who you'll meet. 7. Keep up with the sincere thank yous. If someone helps you (whether they know it or not) keep letting them know. Even if it's just a quick email 8. Good work getting dressed (almost) every day. Just because you work from home doesn't mean you need to look like a slob. 9. Keep up the moisturizing. Promise it will pay off in the future. 10. Never stop traveling and playing. You and J have done a good job so far at this, but remember to never use money or time as an excuse. Save up and make time. Memories are always more important than something like shoes. (Even those really pretty ones you just saw at Saks.) 11. And lastly, nice touch with putting love notes in J's lunch. Keep up the little things. You know it means a lot to him because you found the drawer where he keeps each one.

So there they are. My "non-resolutions."

With that said, Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have a great (and safe) night and a lovely rest of the weekend. And come 1.1.11, don't beat yourself up with resolutions. Just keep striving to be best person you can be and be satisfied with that person.