happy (halloween) weekend

I've been swamped this week (the good kind of busy though) and haven't gotten a chance to share the cool things I've seen around the web for Halloween. Given that Halloween is THIS weekend, I figured I better do it now (or forever hold my peace.) And even though it's actually on Sunday*, we'll be celebrating Saturday after the UGA vs. Florida game. Hope you all have fun this weekend!

hellochloerose via designcrush

awesome pumpkins via designsponge

I kind of want these for everyday... via marthastewart

also via martha

and even though I am a total wimp and can't handle anything remotely scary so I would NEVER be caught dead in a haunted house, if you are up for that sort of thing, check out the top 10 haunted houses here.

* Visiting two of our friends this past weekend, J. and I saw a sign stating that trick-or-treating in the neighborhood would take place Sunday, October 31st between 6:30p-8p. The huge (boring) orange sign made me long for the days when specific times weren't necessary. People just knew that you started as soon as it was dark enough for your awesome flashlights/lanterns to be useful and stopped once the porch lights went off. Very similar to how balloons on a mailbox=party; no porch light=no candy. Not to mention, just having a sign telling me exactly when I could pester people for Kit Kats would simply make me want to trick or treat until 8:01p. You know, because I'm such a rebel and all.