Halloween Preview

I've been getting into the fall spirit the past few days by decorating, buying pumpkins etc and now that J and I have decided (finally) what to be for Halloween (a magician and a magician's assistant), I thought I would go ahead and start making our costumes. We both don't like having costumes that everyone else already has or that can easily be picked up as a costume shop, so normally I make at least one of our costumes.

Some of our previous costumes:
as little red riding hood and the big bad wolf (as grandma of course) and then our all time favorite, Calvin and Hobbes.
I painted the costumes to look exactly like the cartoon and they rocked...

This year, I headed over to a vintage store to look around for things that could be cut up and re-worked when I found this.

and it fit perfectly.

It was meant to be! It is the perfect dress for a magician's assistant, and even better... I didn't have to sew anything for mine!

*just a side note, while super over the top and flashy, I kind of love this dress and am already trying to think of ways to actually wear this out. Maybe with a black boyfriend blazer and killer heels...

Tomorrow I'll start working on my feathered head piece, J's cape, top hat, and wand and hopefully find a little white rabbit stuffed animal. Wish me luck!!