Guest Post: Kelly from Design Crush

Kelly was one of the first people I "met" in the blog world. She ran a giveaway of my note cards waaay back when and we've kept in touch pretty much ever since (thanks, Twitter.) Through new logos, new layouts, and various hair cuts, I've watched Kelly's blog morph and grow into the amazing-ness it is today and have loved every second of it. She always finds the coolest things! So if you haven't checked out Design Crush yet, make sure you do that asap. (fyi- Kelly posts all day long whenever she finds inspiration so feel free to check more than once a day.) Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

10 Summer Essentials:
-iced tea
-copious amounts of fresh fruit
-cocktails, cocktails, cocktails
-plenty of fans close at hand
-at least two pairs of big sunglasses
-my super wide-brimmed white canvas sunhat
-black flip flops
-as many sundresses and skirts as possible
-at least one good roadtrip
-a lightweight quilt on my bed
Thanks so much for having me visit, Courtney!