Good Design: Watch Sculptures

Dominic Wilson watch sculptures (The detail is called adventures of a  young vegetarian. It's of a girl saving a pig from a butcher.)

normally my "Good Designs" focus around typography and graphic design, but sometimes I find something that blurs the line and I have to share it.

J. is a huge watch lover- whenever he asks me to "come look at this" 9 times out of 10 it's a watch he'd like to have.  And whenever we go shopping and I can't find him, I know just to beeline it to the watch section where I will find him- mesmerized by the intricate beauty of rows and rows of watches. To be honest, he acts similarly with cars, airplanes, and most everything the History Channel plays about the World Wars. It's pretty endearing.

Main point, I've now seen a lot of watches. (And WW2 documentaries.) But I never expected to see one like this. The attention to detail in the sculptures, the roundness of the glass dome, the movement (yes, I know I'm geeking out here) it's all just so well designed and designed so beautifully. Not to mention the social messages he portrays. Example: There is a man "so engrossed in his iPhone that he doesn't even notice a monkey balancing on the head of a weightlifting boy on the arm of an elderly roller skater."

This is what the artist, Dominic Wilson, said about them:

I have a new big project to show. I’ve put tiny figures onto watch hands in order to create mini animated scenes. I had the idea last year during my Speed creating project, but decided it was too good to rush. 8 month later I showed a prototype to Dezeen and they commissioned me to make a collection. The watches use customised model figures and I also made objects, like a miniature looted LCD tv. The glass domes were specially made to fit by Wearside Glass Sculptures in my home town of Sunderland at the National Glass Centre.

This is one of those pieces I'd love to own and have out for everyone to enjoy. Wouldn't you love to sit down in someone's living room to see the street sweeper watch lying on the table? I would. And then I would proceed to geek out in front of them about it the entire time I was there, because, well you know. That's how I roll.