Good Design: Tap Water

designed by Racquel Youtzy via lovely package

I love this packaging for tap water. Unless we are camping (like right now) we rarely buy bottled water. And even though we like knowing it keeps plastic out of the landfills, the main reason we don’t buy bottled is that our filtered tap water* tastes just as good (if not better) than many of the brands on the market. Of course now with these bottles, we all can enjoy better tasting (inexpensive) water and still feel all special with our beautifully designed glass bottles. I can’t help but think about how hilarious it would be to put these out for a meeting or a dinner.You know, for everyone who insists on bottled water.

*speaking of bottled water- did you know most bottled water is actually just filtered tap water with or without added minerals? If it says it's from a "municipal water source" that's what it means.