Good Design: Sheffield Honey Company

via DED Associates

So confession. I really don't like honey by itself. And since I am not a tea drinker (yea yea, gasp. I'm a Southern who doesn't like tea. Actually take that back. I like cold green tea with mango and the peach sweet tea at Sun in My Belly, but besides that I think it's gross. I once tried to drink some herbal stuff to get rid of a cold and all I got out of it was a feeling of drinking hot water flavored with weeds and a package of tea I'll never finish. And don't get me started on people trying to convince me I like tea by giving me sweetened "cold fruit teas." People, that's called juice. If I like it, it's because I like juice. Okay back to the point...) since I don't drink tea, I really don't have a reason to have a ton on hand unless I'm baking with it (hello baklava!) Even so, I am drawn to it's beautiful various amber colors and normally spend a decent amount of time on the honey aisle at the farmer's market. And you know what? There are a lot of really unattractive honey packages. But this one, designed by DED Associates, is gorgeous. It's clean and simple, uses a very too the point easily readable sans seriff font (which automatically reminded me of clean science labs, composition notebooks etc. and won points with me) and the best part in my opinion? The use of a barely off white label (with just a hint of color where the type of honey is showcased) makes the honey pop in contrast and the black top acts as a clean modern frame to the whole package. Just beautiful.

Tea drinker or not, I'd put this on my shelf any day.