from the studio: water damage

one sliver of the damage via my husband

Did I ever tell you about how our upstairs neighbor decided to set his kitchen on fire (after deciding to make a phone call outside while he heated oil on high over the stove) and flood our condo? No? Well yea. That happened last Thursday night-a mere 12 hours before my parents were flying in to visit us for the week. I bet if anyone else was watching it was hilarious, but running around with buckets, trying to dry towels and lay tarps fast enough to keep the hardwoods from buckling, and having the ceilings burst from the weight of the water was not how I was imagining that night going. Oh! And it was all while the water shorted our alarm system so we were not able to turn off the piercing beeping noise. J was at work so he came home to an emergency team, fire alarms, our landlord, and me- soaked with dirty sprinkler water.

Luckily, none of our personal property (or any of my work) was damaged so we're just having to deal with repairs (instead of replacing computers etc.) My parents have been troopers (there is a massive dehumidifier in the guest room along with multiple fans) and the team taking care of the repairs is doing an exceptional job. If you're ever in need of a restoration company in Denver, let me know. I have just the guys!

So say the least, I'm going to be out of the office for a few days haha Happy Monday everyone!