from the studio (martine and erik's ketubah)

the Hebrew translated into "Love each other, share life, and laugh together." Great words to live by!

both copyright courtney khail stationery and design

(This was supposed to post yesterday, but I forgot to hit schedule. Sorry!)

Martine emailed me a few weeks back wondering if I could create a ketubah (Jewish wedding certificate) for their upcoming wedding this June. The awesome part? Well besides being part of such a beautiful and meaningful tradition of course, was the fact that their wedding was going to be in an orange Spain.


So of course I knew oranges would be a major part of the piece, but Martine and Erik also wanted to incorporate some of the stone work found around the villa so it would also show that they were married in Spain (and not, let's say, an orange grove in Florida.) In addition to the artwork, I also hand penned the Hebrew sentence above their English vows to bring even more of a one of a kind and hand created feeling. I'd never written Hebrew before and really wasn't expecting to be moved by it as much as I was, but with each mark I couldn't help feeling emotionally and powerfully connected to the historic language. Not to mention, I have always been a fan of the Jewish wedding ceremony and vows and it was such a treat to be a part of theirs!

In the end, in order to get it to them in time, I hand delivered this to Martine two days before they boarded the plane. (It wasn't until I was about to mail it that I realized we lived about 10 minutes from each other. Small world!) And since most of my clients are international or across the country, I rarely have the opportunity to meet them face to face, so it was a nice change to actually get to see her in person. As expected, Martine was super sweet and fantastic. (It was so nice meeting you!)

Their wedding was just last week, so I want to wish them congratulations! I hope the wedding was amazing and that y'all had a great time on your honeymoon. Again, thank you so much for letting me be included in such a meaningful way. I can't wait to see photos!