from the studio: how to make fresh strawberry ice cream

This past week was kind of rough-okay, kind of is an understatement- so when I opened our frig and saw fresh strawberries staring at me I said, "What the hell, I'm making ice cream." I made strawberry ice cream about a year ago, but it tasted kind of weak, so I decided to scrap that recipe and try another. (Full disclosure, I also had to turn on the stove with the aforementioned ice cream recipe and that just wasn't going to happen. To be honest, just talking myself into dicing strawberries was about as much effort as I was willing to take on right then.) After a quick google search, I stumbled across a recipe from Gourmet magazine and figured I'd give that a go. Of course, because I can rarely let things just be, I tweaked it a little. Here is the original if you're not into that.

easiest, no cook, strawberry ice cream via courtney khail

excuse the photos. It was really late. But they are copyrighted photos, so please give credit- courtney khail stationery and design

The most amazing, "can make any bad day a thousand times better," strawberry ice cream


2 cups milk

1-2 containers of strawberries, diced

1/8 tsp salt

3/4 cup granulated sugar

juice from 1/2 a lemon

splash of vanilla extract (I'm not going to judge if you use the fake stuff. Actually, scratch that. Use the real stuff. You only live once.)

splash of cream (I had it and figured it couldn't hurt)

Easiest Directions ever:

Dice strawberries and put in bowl.

Cover strawberries with sugar and let sit for 5 minutes. Mash with a potato masher. (Feel free to take out frustration here.)

After everything is good a mashed/juicy (roughly 10 minutes after combining the sugar and berries) add everything else into the bowl and stir.

Pour into an already frozen ice cream maker and turn on.

Wait until it's ice cream-ish and enjoy. (I waited about 45 minutes, but I was impatient. It was awesome, but probably could have churned another 15-30 minutes.)