Friday Recap

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First, I thought I'd give a sneak peak on another wedding order I just sent out a week-ish ago. In addition to her table numbers I also created all of her escort cards. I can't wait to see the pictures from their wedding- it sounded like a blast!

Second, have you gone and checked out Lonny yet? It's wonderful and not only does it completely fill the void (and more) left by Domino, it also has awesome interactive features that I personally think are just fantastic.

Just a sneak peak to get you excited... (have I mentioned how much I love open shelving?)

Third-J and I went to the art opening for David Swann last night and it was amazing. David has been working incredibly hard this past year (which was beyond apparent by his new collection!) and I just loved seeing how he created his own unique pieces yet still noticeably referenced the inspiration he received from Magritte's works. And not only is he inspiring, both David and his wife Michele are such wonderful people. I've known them my whole life (they are longtime friends with my parents... actually I think they knew my parents before they even got married!) and it's always great to get to talk with them and see what David has been up to.

And last (but not least!) tomorrow is my Dad's birthday!! yay!! He and my mom will be out of town so I won't get to see him, but check back tomorrow to see what I sent him :)

Oh, and this is completely random but it's just kind of bugging me. My wireless mouse is on the fritz. Or maybe it's my Mac. Whichever, they are pulling the old "silent treatment" and refuse to work with one another. Not the end of the world or anything, but still kind of frustrating.

Anyhow! I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful weekend (and that the weather cooperates with whatever plans you may have!) We might take a trip to North Georgia for some kayaking (given all of the water around here is now horribly polluted because of the floods) but who knows. Any of y'all have big plans?