First Dance Songs

We decided on a classic (Etta Jame's At Last) simply because it is a beautiful song and because we had a live band with a female vocalist and really really wanted to showcase her talent. It was cool having it sung live and to hear the different impromptu moments, etc, but if we didn't have a band? Well we probably would have picked one of "our" songs. Well, we actually have thousands of songs (we're big music fans), but these in particular always make us stop and dance with each other.literally.

Prime example: today we were buying new pillows (our "sleeping pillows" had become little more than flat memories of ones that used to be supportive and full of feathers) and "You are the Best Thing" came on and we started dancing right there in the aisle of T.J. Maxx.

So since they mean so much to us, I thought I would share a video of one of our two favorite songs. (The other is a Widespread Panic song called "Longer Look". I wanted to include a video for it as well, but I can't find one. They rarely play it live (and it doesn't sound much like widespread in my opinion since it's not super jam bandish), but if you'd like to read the lyrics, here you go! I know, widespread isn't really who everyone thinks of first for love songs, but J sang this to me a few weeks after we started dating, and now anytime I seem stressed or in need of a dance, he sings this to me and we slow dance in the kitchen. )

Hope you enjoy!