fall ramblings

via say yes to hoboken

today I was trying to figure out what to wear when I realized that it was "that time of the year." While other (possibly more normal) people may mark the start of fall with the changing leaves, football season, and/or Macy's playing Christmas carols (too soon people. let's let thanksgiving have it's moment.) I call it fall the moment I have to switch my closets over.

The older I have gotten though, the more I have come to realize this biannual task isn't a normal event for every household. I was absolutely bewildered the first time I went into a friend's closet and saw tank tops AND sweaters at the same time. Were those ski pants next to her shorts?? To my slightly OCD self (remember my color coordinated closet?) that just wasn't right. I mean, you don't walk into a store and see two seasons at once do you? I didn't think so.

Of course I have to admit that the fact I switch over my closet is less about how much I would love to have it resemble a banana republic store and much more about the simple fact that I own a lot of clothes. Some (ahem, my husband) may argue too many clothes. (I have yet to recognize that as a problem thankyouverymuch.)

So to me fall really begins the moment I can no longer get by simply wearing a tank top with a jacket over it. (Well and jeans or something of course. I'm not running around bottomless or anything.)

And ladies and gents, it is that time. After 3 days of meticulously pulling out just one sweater at a time from our cedar chest, I have to suck it up and take the time to remove all of my tank tops/T-shirts/strappy little flow-y numbers and replace them with my plaid shirts, cable knit sweaters, and structured jackets. Oh and boots. I love boot season. Just thinking about plaid shirts and boots makes me ready to bake an apple pie and kick around someone's freshly raked pile of leaves*

*Just to go ahead and get this out of the way for when this does happen (which inevitably it will,) my apologies to whomever actually raked those leaves... I just can't help myself.

Oh and speaking of clothes, the lovely Erin of Design for Mankind is taking part in this competition. Not sure I could only wear 30 items in a month, but I can't help but be intrigued.