My sister is redoing her place* so I have been receiving a ton of emails from her about the perfect chair/rug/couch etc. If my "really want to go ahead and move/buy a house already" bug wasn't pestering me before, now it really is. Between giving her advice on throw pillows and lamps, I keep catching myself clicking through west elm, restoration hardware, and crate and barrel-mentally making notes of what I like and don't like. Oh and of course I'm perusing craigslist for a fantastic old pieces of furniture that I could redo as well as spending more time than I would like to admit on sites like desire to inspire, apartment therapy, and design*sponge.

So with all that in mind, I stumbled across this little beauty (something I think would be easy to make myself actually) and kept thinking of how nice it would be as an "extra" chair. You know, the one in a guest bathroom with plush towels resting on top or the one that fit perfectly in the little "who knows what this is for" nook that couldn't hold anything else.

Can't imagine it would be the most comfortable (reminds me of an old school desk chair) but maybe that's where all of the charm lies. There is something very nostalgic about it, while still being fresh, clean and modern.

And on that note-J has got to graduate already so we can go buy our house out west :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

*can I just say how flattered I was when I found out she was redoing her living room to revolve around a piece of my artwork? Super flattered, and a little humbled. It always makes me so happy to know something I made with my own hands brings joy to other people. Knowing one of those other people is in fact my own sister only makes it that much more wonderful.