DBA Barbecue

Oh my gosh. If any of you are from Atlanta or ever come visit Atlanta, you really really have to go to D.B.A. Barbecue. J and I ate lunch there today to celebrate him not having to get surgery on his shoulder (yay!) and were blown away by how good it was. (Apparently we weren't the only ones to be drawn in by the rumors- Demi and Ashton made a stop here for dinner when they were visiting in Atlanta a few weeks back.)

We were informed that the place is normally packed for dinner and that the buttermilk fried chicken (only made on Sundays) sells out within the hour so to "get here early."

And we don't doubt it's popularity.

Between the friendly service (the owner sat down to talk about how our 4th of July was and our waitress sweetly referred to us as "honey"), the huge patio, and the mouthwatering pork sandwiches, it's bound to become the new place to be.

Oh, and did I mention it also has a full bar, blues/oldies playing at the perfect volume to dance/sing along but still be able to hear your date talk, and the 15 choices of homemade sides available (you have to try their sweet potato fries)?

No? Well that's all there too :) As for us, we're already planning our next trip.