Dance Off

We went canoeing* yesterday with two friends and even though it's been almost 6 months (holy cow!) since our wedding, it still made it's way into conversation. J and I both love listening to our friends favorite parts and knowing that all of our hard work to make it "ours" (and not exactly what Emily Post would deem proper) made everyone have a much more relaxed and fun time.

Anyhow, their favorite moment was of our dad's dancing. Now, J and I both knew that our dads were big dancers-my dad taught me to dance by having me stand on his feet when I was really young and still randomly dances with my mom in the kitchen, and one of the first stories J's dad ever told me was about his ballroom dance class in college where he swears he was the best dancer there :)- but I guess we didn't think about how that would come out at the wedding. Well here's what happened:

my dad on the left, J's on the right

It's lovingly referred to as the "dance off". Both of our dad's broke out with their best Motown dance moves and before we knew it, a circle had formed around the two of them. Needless to say, it's one of our favorite memories of the wedding too :)

*hahaha oh the canoe trip. Let's just say I am used to the agility of a kayak and managed to flip us. Twice. My legs are bruised and there is a cut across my back from trying to grab the canoe (which-half filled with water was heavier than I had expected). Regardless, besides that short moment after the second flip (where I may or may not have broken down into a mini meltdown) the day was a blast!

Now my only wish is that these bruises fade before the wedding this weekend! Anyone else have an eventful weekend??