Craving: tea carafe (and votes)

water carafe by anna blattert via courtney khailanna blattert water carafe via post fossil

I have had this beautiful, glass carafe on my desktop for what feels like weeks- always meaning to share it and then getting side tracked. Well today is it's lucky day! I'm finally posting about it. Right off the back, it's beautiful colors pulled me in. Bright, but not over powering- unique, but still familiar. Then I noticed the basket thingy at the top and was intrigued. As someone who cuts up fruit and such to throw in water, it seemed perfect. No more fishing out soggy fruit slices, dried on tea leaves, or whatever else you enjoy soaking in your water! Of course, then I saw that it was around $300. Beautiful yes, but I have to be honest here. I'm kind of a klutz. I am constantly running into furniture that has been there for.ever. and drop things like it's my job. This would probably be in pieces within the first few weeks of me owning it. Add that to the fact that I could just wrap some herbs/fruit/whatever in cheesecloth and have roughly the same taste, and I just don't think I can justify the $300.

Of course if you are in the market for a $300 water carafe, I'd have to recommend this one on looks alone.

Also, please do not forget that voting is still going on for Martha Stewart's American Made Award!

courtney khail for american made audience choice award

I'm been absolutely blown away by y'alls support and cannot say thank you enough. If you have a moment (and haven't voted today) I'd love for you to click over, cast your vote, and then kindly bug your friends to do the same. Thank you!! You can follow this link to vote: