craving: Roald Dahl mugs

mugs via here

I remember the first time I picked up the BFG. The cover was already a little worn (most likely from my sister reading it first), but the muted colors underneath the dynamic ink strokes of the illustrations resonated with me. There was so much energy in such a little amount of illustration.

Although we don't really need another mug in the house, I can't help but be sentimentally pulled to these. Instantly recognizable, the illustrations transport me back to a time where (imitating my mother who never falls asleep without reading first) I'd stay up late, book in hand, devouring the stories by the light of my bedside lamp.

P.S. Matilda is still one of my favorite books of all time and the movie The Witches in permanently ingrained in my memory (and I believe is the basis for a ton of nightmares I still get.)