Craving: Q and A diary

Potter Style journal via Anthropologie

I'm really bad at keeping journals. To be honest, I'm usually pretty embarrassed whenever I find an old one because of how ridiculous they are.

First, no journal ever has more than 15 entries (and all except the first begin with "I can't believe it's been 2/3/4 months since the last time I wrote! Soooooo much has happened." Why thank you 13 year old, Courtney. I bet a lot has happened. The point of the journal is to write those things down though, not just say stuff has happened.)

Second, I'm beyond emotional (hence the absolute need to write it down of course) and I'm almost always expressing a very strong emotion that I would never want anyone else to find since it's most likely not how I actually feel. Case in point, I've never hated my parents, but without a doubt I'll find something that says I did (which I know was only because writing "I really don't like them right now even if they have a point" didn't seem strong enough.)

And third, I've edited out all of the good parts which makes for a very boring read. (I have an EXTREMELY good memory and can normally remember exactly when I was writing this stuff down. And more importantly, I remember what I didn't write down. Want to know why I edited my entries? Because of Anne Frank. Ever since reading her diary I've been terrified someone would find and publish my diary. Of course, I don't think anyone would stumble upon my 10 ramblings of a 13 year old and have a overwhelming desire to publish it, but still.)

So when I saw this journal in Anthropologie, I knew it was (most likely) something I could keep up with. Filled with questions like "What can you smell right now?" and "Were you a wallflower or a social butterfly today?" you never have to think of something to write. The diary also includes spaces for up to 5 years of answers so you can look back and compare today's answer to what you said years before (and maybe if you've noticed that you've written "I smell something rotten" for the past two years you'll go ahead and deep clean your house. Then not only could you write "I smell the power of Pine-Sol!" you'll most likely also be able to write "social butterfly" as opposed to "wallflower" in your next entry since more friends will come visit you at your now fresh smelling home.)

Oh. And for maximum effect, make sure to include multiple exclamation marks.

Happy Wednesday everyone! (!!!!)