Craving: Andy Warhol Lips

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Happy February everyone! (And holy cow how in the world is it already February?! So much to do...) Figured I'd kick off the month of love with one of my favorite Warhol prints. Warhol definitely isn't everyone's favorite artist (To be fair, he's not really one of my favorites. I tried to "fall for his work" but ended up just feeling like a poser so I gave up and went back to my love of Monet, etc.) but there is something super playful about this one. Doesn't it kind of remind you of picking the perfect lipstick shade? Of course given that this print kind of launched his whole pop art movement, I bet he was probably trying to say something much more meaningful than "yes, buy that one! That one looks great on you!"*

*Or maybe not. Sometimes I wonder if we put more meaning to things than was actually intended. I mean, what if Picasso really just had a lot of blue paint to use up?