Color Inspiration: venetian sunsets

sunset via simply photo, Burano homes found on plenty of colour

I have been so excited to share this color inspiration with you all. It's slightly different from my other inspirations given that it only has 2 photos (the others I try to include at least 3, though normally 4)  but the colors were just so breathtaking I didn't think it needed anything else. Aren't they amazing?

The photo on the bottom is of Burano- an island in the Venetian Lagoon where each house is painted a different bright color. Apparently, it was so the fisherman who were coming off the water could recognize their house when it was foggy. Fun fact, in order for anyone in Burano to paint their home, they have to send a request to the government, who will respond by letting them know which colors are permitted in their lot.

No matter the reason (or process) behind the colors, I love how this section perfectly captures the colors of a beautiful sunset. I'm always taken aback by the vivid colors of a "perfect" sunset so to see them captured on homes is just thrilling to me.

Looks like I know a stop we'll be making on our next trip to Venice!