color inspiration: navy, tangerine, and white

top photo via visuelle mints via an apple a day, ford via my funny eye

I love the color combination of navy and tangerine (well, off of the football field at least.) It not only manages to find the perfect balance between retro and modern, but preppy and hipster as well. Can't you imagine an 80's (who am I kidding, I think I saw this outfit last summer) frat boy wearing a navy and white sweater with crisp (possibly too short) orange shorts just as easily as you can a hippie dancing around in a flowing navy sun dress with bright orange flowers in her hair? What about a super modern all white loft with touches of navy and orange or a home from the 60's with orange shag carpeting and navy rimmed china on the table?

See? This combo can go either way. Just depends on the person and the connection the feel to the colors.