Color Inspiration: molasses, parchment and slate

martha stewart caramels via ritzybee, landscape via wishfulfillment, dress photo via anna williams (found on city sage)

The snow here is still holding on tight (and by tight I mean it's turned to ice that even the DOT is having a hard time combating) so everything still has a beautiful stillness to it. (If you ignore the people who for some reason think their summer tires are good enough and that by living in Atlanta they somehow have mastered driving in snow. Come on people, you're not impressing anyone and kind of look like a jerk as you spin out and put others lives in danger. Okay, back to the point.)

So when I was coming up with today's color inspiration I wanted something warm and calming. We've had a fire burning pretty much constantly for the past few days and after it's out and we're heading to bed the charred wood has a beautiful slate green grey covering it. I decided to take that color (which impressively is the same color as a field covered with a frozen morning dew) and combine it with a luxurious chocolate brown (oh my gosh that dress is phenomenal) and the color of the parchment that covers homemade caramels (or homemade cookies as in my case) and this is what evolved. (I can almost hear the crunch of the thin ice under my boots and smell the wood burning.)

Stay warm everyone!