color inspiration: fire, nylon, and other campfirey colors

tent photo via you are my fave, mason jar candle holders via east side bride, awesome red lamps via an apple a day

Hmm. Maybe I got a little too excited with the title today. Eh, whatever. Sounds better than red, blue, green and yellow, right?

So camping has been on our minds a lot lately (counting down/preparing for the road trip this summer) and as we wander around REI and peruse online gear sights I slowly found myself falling for the slightly kitschy, overly saturated colors of camping. You know the ones- the hunter greens, the navy blues, the marigolds, the deep reds. (If you're having a hard time imagining, just open an L.L. Bean catalog.) Combine those with the glowing embers of a campfire, the all encompassing darkness just outside of your lantern's reach, and the jewel like glow given off by a tent that's lit from within and I'm in love.

There's just something so peaceful and enchanting about being alone in the woods. (And by alone I mean with at least one other person, a car within 20 miles, and my kindle. I'm not trying to pull an into the wild* "die by myself because I wasn't prepared moment" here.)