Checking out.

It's 3:22pm, I just finished painting the last 25 wedding invitations of one of the numerous orders I need to get finished and mailed out over the next month, and I realized that I haven't been outside all day. And it's BEAUTIFUL outside. *note I just took Bella out, so I guess that's not true anymore... Then I got to thinking about how the only "person" I had talked to (besides my husband) today was my black lab, and she doesn't really count because, well, she's a dog. not a person. and she doesn't "talk back" in a language I can understand. (And I'm pretty sure that her yawns/groans are not in agreement that I should take a break from work to watch "he's just not that into", but more so that she wants permission to curl up on the couch.)

So once I find my ipod, I'm heading to work out in the sunshine and cool air. And then I'll be putting on something cute and trendy (because despite my love for my alma mater, I am so not cool with being a walking advertisement for UGA right now- all the way down to my red ballet slippers.) and then calling my best friend to catch up.

Speaking of which, I am super thankful that I have such wonderful friends who will take the risk of being caught by their bosses to text/call/email me throughout the day to remind me there is a whole big world outside of the studio :)

I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday- see you tomorrow!