catching up

yum. s'mores.

happy Tuesday everyone! I am so sorry it has been so long. This past weekend was a busy one and I haven't had much time around the computer.

On Thursday we decided to take a mini vacation with just us two (and Bella of course) and went camping up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Surprisingly (and fortunately) it wasn't too hot during the day and was actually cold at night. Not only did I get to practice my "cooking over an open fire" skills, but we finally had an opportunity to use our new tent!

Friday, after driving our tired selves home, we were informed that it was a friends birthday and we were all going to the Braves game that night to celebrate. For some reason I thought it was our friends 30th birthday, so when I saw him I asked how it was to hit the big 3-0. He told me he didn't want to talk about it, and was celebrating 29 this year. Please remember that I REALLY thought he was 30, so I made some joke about a "2nd 29th birthday." The guys couldn't stop laughing and I wasn't sure why. That is until one of them told me he really was only 29, but was having a really hard time "getting older." They had been making fun of him all day and just thought I was joining in.


Even so, the night was great. Not only did we win, but I also ran into a huge group of old college friends who were in town celebrating a buddy's wedding. I hadn't seem them in 3 years and was so thrilled to get to catch up and introduce the hubs. Funny thing is, half of them live within 15 minutes of us! Looks like a night out is in order.

Saturday my mom and one of her friends were in town so I got to have brunch with my sister and them, before heading back home to get some things together/do some work during the World Cup. That night J. and I decided to have a date night at Tap since it had been a really long weekend already and neither of us wanted to cook. (Side note. IF you are in Atlanta, hit up Tap. It has the best fried pickles- and for a non pickle eater, this is huge- and one of the best burgers ever. And mini milkshake to dip your fries in? Don't mind if I do.)

Sunday we went on a kayaking double date in North Georgia which rocked- except for the 30% chance of scattered storms. Apparently, 30% actually meant 100% and we ended up having to pull off the river twice due to lightning. Either way it was beautiful and a ton of fun. I'd definitely recommend it!

So see? I wasn't just ignoring the blog. Promise I have a lot to share with you. A new project, some more "wisdom" tomorrow, and really exciting news for the business that I can't tell you all for another 2 weeks. (boo. I hate secrets.) But until then... have a wonderful day!