Busy busy day

via snippet and inkin honor of the dogwoods blooming in Augusta

So I'm pacing myself with my chocolate bunny. As of now, it's missing it's upper half. I'd like to say I have more willpower than this, but I'm pretty sure the rest will be polished off before dinner!

I'm being pulled in 1000 directions right now so I am going to go ahead and apologize that this post won't be incredibly coherent.

Website is coming together (from what I hear) and I'm hoping to have it launched this week.

Master's Week kicks off today! Yay for the hometown!

Realized this morning that I was scraping the edges of my foundation compact and before it was too late (you know, the "I'm using concealer as foundation" day) I hurried myself to Chanel and picked up a new one. The mall was really crowded and the traffic was even worse. It wasn't even 3pm and the normal 3 minute stretch of road took 35 minutes.

Ran to the printers to pick up an order and talked about how we seem to have jumped right past spring and into summer. We both like spring more than summer (Georgia summers are brutal.) and agreed that it's a crime that we can barely wear our cute spring outfits before it's just too hot for that "adorable cardigan, light jacket, etc."

Have I mentioned that it was like 85 out today? Beautiful, but hot. Luckily, the nights are still cooler than the days so we've been trying to take every opportunity possible to dine alfresco and go out for drinks on the park.

Highlight of the day? Picking out outfits for the jersey shore party tomorrow night. I'm busting out the gold lame leggings :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!