Bringing the Outdoors in

One of the many reasons I love Christmas decorating is how easy it is to bring the outdoors inside.

Pinecones? Evergreen? Beautifully stacked firewood?*

Whatever it is, I love seeing outdoorsy elements inside!

*Speaking of firewood. I told my mom that J and I were going to go buy firewood for the winter and she laughed and told me how she would always make it seem like so much fun to go get firewood ("yay! who wants a fire?! How about you go grab two of the best pieces of wood and me and Daddy will make y'all one!") so my sister and I would run outside and collect it for her and my dad. And being 4 years older, my sister caught on to this trick way before I did so guess who got stuck with this "fun task"?

That's right- me.

Thanks guys. Way to send the youngest out into the cold :) Kind of reminds me about how being the youngest (and therefore the smallest) always automatically meant I was in charge of the annoying task of sliding under the tree to refill it with water. Tried to pull that one out one year that I was home college but luckily by that time I was about an inch taller than my mom so I had an valid argument.

An argument that I didn't win by the way. I forgot that the my mom's main point was the fact that I was the youngest :)