Birthday planning

I've been planning for J's birthday and while blogging today, I came across these really really funny cards designed by Old Tom Foolery. Let me just go ahead and warn you though that they contain very dry/sarcastic humor. Then again, that is my favorite kind of humor (well that along with the really corny jokes my dad and husband love to tell!)

All found here

Now if I were you, I'd go look at the Old Tom Foolery site. The cards are hilarious. Some lovely lines to look forward to:

It's our anniversary*
*let's pretend we're shadow people wearing sparkly diamonds like in the commercials.

Mazel Tov*
*That's Hebrew for "hell yeah"

I'm head over heels*
*which just means I'm standing up if you think about it.

Happy Graduation!*
*welcome to the real world sucker!