Beauty Essentials

Okay, since it doesn't fall into the category of food, water, housing or clothing, it's probably not essential, but I would absolutely love to have these in my makeup arsenal.

Having green eyes myself (which sometimes decide they'd rather be blue) I love anything that makes them pop even more. Apparently this can make even the palest of blue eyes shine mermaid green. If you're not searching for green eyes, they have a ton of other kits such as Day to Play, Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, and another favorite of mine- Smokey Eye cases.

Last: Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (really love the company name.)

This is my favorite (recent) find. Goes on easily as a gloss, but dries as an ultra saturated satin color. Perfect for this girl who loves the look of lipstick (but hates the cakey, heavy feel) but can't stand the stickiness and super high shine of gloss (but loves the light feeling and easy application.) Oh! And it's 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and doesn't have parabens or other preservatives) so no worries of animal testing or strange chemical reactions.

If my chance the Easter Bunny is reading this, I'd be happy to find one in Grandma (perfect name for the perfect coral) or NSFW (the perfect, Parisian red) tucked away into my basket :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!