beautifully said

I read this on Project Subrosa (after reading a post on A Practical Wedding) and thought it was just beautifully said. (You really should click the link to read the whole thing)

"And now that I feel it, I realise that marriage is more than I thought it was. It's seeing the big picture, the long view. It's not just sharing those frustrating issues, it's taking your time with them, and making sure you squeeze in those nothing-matters-more kisses in the meantime. It's not just being a team, not just looking outwards together with common objectives, it's seeing yourselves as a unit, but having the confidence in the strength of that unit to not insist that it be the focus all the time. In a strange sort of a way marriage for me feels like life being less about us, as we're freed from the desperate, urgent, we-need-to-fix-this-now pressure that sometimes comes with being girlfriend and boyfriend.

And it's the best thing in the world.

Our dear friend Frog stood up at our wedding and confidently proclaimed, "marriage makes you free." And I have no idea how he knew it, but he was right. For me, anyway, marriage makes me feel free."

Thanks Cate.