Bad blogger.

Cortona, Italy via personal collection

Looking around the blogsphere, it looks like I'm not alone in having a hard time getting back to posting today! But I do have some legit reasons, I promise :) So in an attempt to make myself feel better about slacking on the boards/inspiration today, I thought I'd tell you some of what I am up to.

1) Redoing my MIL's bathroom. This was her birthday present, and today I hope to finish up. Once I finish painting, we're off to buy all of the new goods for it (and we all know that's the best part!)
2) Working on a present for my dad
3) working on a wedding invite order
and probably the most exciting of them all...
4) getting ready for our trip to Europe! The hubbie and I leave for a 2 and 1/2 week family vacation in just two short weeks and there is still so much to do to get everything ready for it!

So sorry everyone! I promise to be back in full swing tomorrow :)