Aqua and Emerald

I started this board yesterday but just couldn't make it match my vision so I put it off for a night. Then tried again this morning, accomplished a little, but still wasn't 100% happy so I decided to take a mental break and head over to my hair appointment. (I still hadn't gotten around to the post wedding hair cut. And yes, I know the wedding was in December.)

Apparently, a break wasn't in store for me though :) It was my first time at this salon (Todd G) and I was just meeting Tiffani (my new stylist) for the first time when I heard the news she'd just gotten engaged a few weeks before. After talking for a minute, the other woman there asked what her colors were. She said they weren't sure, but she liked blue and green so possibly that. Talk about a coincidence! After talking with her about the venue she hopes to get etc, I was 100% sure where I wanted this board to go and couldn't wait to get back to finish it! With this one, I wanted to evoke a very fresh, bright, and cheerful feeling, but most of all, a very comfortable and laid back attitude. An outdoor wedding that is very family and friend oriented with great food, good music and a bar framed with cute specialty drinks (sangria or lemonade, anyone?) in beautiful aqua colored glass containers. Hope you enjoy!

And a big thanks to Tiffani! Not just for my hair (though you were awesome) but also for getting me out of my rut!

row 1: books via the paris apartment, dress via anthropologie, mason jar candle holders via martha stewart
Row 2: shoes via the flirty guide, flowers via martha stewart, lemonade pitcher via big sur bride, jcrew ties via martha stewart
row 3: zempel photography photograph via once wed